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Information About Events

Information about Events

You are required to attend at least three campus events during the semester as part of your FYO seminar.

Attending concerts, lectures, service-learning events, films, academic success workshops, Student Affairs' Involvement Fair, Office of Global Engagement's Study Away Fair, and other events will enhance your learning experience and help you discover all that UGA has to offer.

View the FYO Events Calendar

Hear what your peers say about the events requirement.

Some instructors require that you attend certain events for their seminar. Others will leave the choice to you. Some will factor attendance into your grade. Others will not. If the syllabus doesn't mention your instructor's expectations on how you will fulfill this requirement, ask them. Please note that athletic events do not count as an FYO event.

Remember which events you attend. The program will send you an end-of-course evaluation that will ask you which events you attended and for your input about them.

  • How to be a good audience member when attending events
  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early and stay for the entire event.
  2. Use the UGA app or other platforms to find the right building, location of parking, and which UGA bus routes go there so you won't be late.
  3. Check the listing to find out if you need a ticket to attend.
  4. Be respectful during the event. Unless the event encourages it, don't eat, drink, smoke, sleep, talk to your neighbor, surf the web, text, or use your phone.
  5. Some good advice: attend events that you have some interest in and avoid those that don't interest you. This is an important time in your life to sample or to engage more deeply in diverse activities—often at no cost.