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The University of Georgia

First-Year Odyssey Seminar Program
410 Caldwell Hall
Athens, GA 30602-1695

The First-Year Odyssey Advisory Board

The FYO Advisory Board meets approximately once a month during fall and spring semesters. Their primary duties are to assess applications for teaching awards, to publicize the program, to evaluate the website for content, to hear FYO grade appeals; to review the program’s current assessment instruments and make recommendations for improving them, to run focus groups, and to complete other duties as they arise.

The current members of the Advisory Board are:

Name Email School or College Term
Faculty Members
Kari Turner CAES Fall 2023-Spring 2026
Anne Marie Zimeri PUBH Fall 2023-Spring 2026
John Mativo MFECOE Fall 2021-Spring 2024
Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn Grady Fall 2021-Spring 2024
Erik Ness IHE Fall 2022-Spring 2025
Jennifer Birch Franklin Fall 2022-Spring 2025
Sophie Ralph Journalism, Class of 2024 Fall 2022-Spring 2024
Julianna Thomas FYO Student Spring 2023-Fall 2024
Administrative Officers
Brooke Daniel Curriculum Systems Ongoing
Sara Freeland Office of Instruction Communications Ongoing
Fiona Liken Registrar Ongoing