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Have a great first year—learn great things, do great things, and meet great people in your First-Year Odyssey Seminar.

Your First-Year Odyssey Seminar is a first step in your UGA journey. Explore the tips listed below to help you make the most of what UGA has to offer.

First-Year Odyssey Seminar Worksheet

  • Top 10 tips on how to be successful in your first year:
    1. Be curious. Your curiosity may spark a genuine interest in a subject you previously considered dull and irrelevant.
    2. Go to class every day. Be on time and don't leave early. Moreover, don't just GO to class but get involved with the material and your fellow students. This involvement will help you turn information into knowledge, and knowledge should be your primary goal.
    3. Read through all your syllabi and mark down all deadlines and test dates on your calendar/organizer/phone to help you manage your time. This will help you prioritize how you spend that time. Your priorities will determine the outcome of your college experience.
    4. Do your homework and study on a regular basis. Roughly speaking, for every hour you spend in class, you should expect to spend two hours outside of class, reading, working problems, writing, etc. Take notes during class and regularly review your notes afterward. If something is unclear, ask your instructor about it or schedule an appointment with a tutor if possible.
    5. Seek help early. The time to worry about what you don't understand is NOW, not the night before the big test. Your instructor and your academic advisor can refer you to a variety of resources. The Office for Student Success and Achievement and its satellite locations are great places to go for information, help, and resources to boost your academic success.
    6. Take ownership of your education by setting up study groups and talking with your instructor to get help and connect with them. Go to your instructor's office hours, which are times set aside each week for you to meet with your instructor and ask questions.
    7. Take care of yourself. Don't forget to eat well, sleep, and get exercise. Your brain cannot function well without these things. UGA has many resources to support your wellbeing.
    8. Take advantage of the intellectual, cultural, and recreational activities on campus, from lectures on things you might not have heard of, to plays, concerts, art shows, and volunteer opportunities - often at no cost. This is an important time in your life to sample or engage more deeply in diverse activities.
    9. Be honest in every aspect of your experience as a UGA student.
    10. Open your eyes to new ideas, open your heart to new ways to care, move your feet to a different beat, ask questions, enjoy your time at UGA, and begin a path to academic success that will lead you to a lifetime of learning!
  • SAGE (Student Advising and Guidance Expert) is where you go to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. It also enables your advisor to refer you to various offices on campus for different kinds of support.
  • How to use the eLC portal.