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FAQs for Students

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General Information

What is the First-Year Odyssey Seminar requirement?

All first-year undergraduate students must successfully complete one First-Year Odyssey seminar by the end of their first year in residence. This policy applies to dual-enrolled students; however, it excludes transfer students.

Who teaches the First-Year Odyssey seminars?

Tenured, tenure-track, clinical, and retired tenured faculty from every school and college teach FYO seminars.

How often will my seminar meet?

Most seminars meet for one hour a week for 15 weeks. Some seminars, however, have a different schedule. For example, a seminar may meet for two hours during half of the semester or for one hour twice a week during half of the semester. Before you register for a seminar, make sure you understand when it will meet.

How do I find information on when and where my seminar meets?

Go to Browse ALL Seminars and look up your seminar. This information is included in the description of each seminar on this website and on Athena.

Should I take my First-Year Odyssey seminar in fall semester or wait until spring semester?

If you start classes in fall semester, we highly recommend that you take a seminar during that semester and not wait. There are by far many more seminars offered in fall than in spring. No seminars are offered during the summer terms.

How will my First-Year Odyssey seminar be graded?

Your seminar will be graded A-F. To fulfill the First-Year Odyssey graduation requirement, a grade of D or higher is required. If you fail or withdraw, you will be required to complete another seminar in the next semester to fulfill the graduation requirement.

Can I appeal my grade?

Yes, you have the right to appeal your grade in your First-Year Odyssey seminar or any other UGA course. The process for appealing your seminar grade is posted here.

Do seminars fill up on a first-come, first-served basis?

No, a limited number of seats in every seminar are released gradually throughout the registration. You have an equal chance of getting into your first-choice seminar whether you attend the first or the last Orientation sessions. However, because the seminars are small and seats are released gradually, we recommend that you identify 5-10 seminars that interest you before you come to Orientation and that you continue to check Athena to see if a spot in your preferred seminar becomes available.

Are seminars restricted to first-year students only?

Yes, they are reserved for first-year students only. Transfer students are exempt from the requirement and may not register for a First-Year Odyssey seminar.

May I take more than one First-Year Odyssey seminar?

No. If you receive a passing grade (D or higher) in your FYO seminar, you will not be allowed to take another seminar. This is to ensure there are enough seats available to accommodate students who need to complete a seminar.

May I audit a First-Year Odyssey seminar?


May I withdraw from my First-Year Odyssey seminar?

Yes, you may withdraw if necessary. However, you will have to take a seminar in the next semester to fulfill this requirement. You are strongly encouraged to consult your academic advisor before withdrawing from your FYO seminar or from any class.

Will the Morehead Honors College accept the First-Year Odyssey seminar as part of the requirements for applying to Honors after the first semester?

Since the seminar is graded A-F, the college will accept your FYO seminar as part of your application packet.

What are "office hours"?

Some faculty call them “consultation hours” or “drop-in hours.” These are specified days and times that faculty set aside to meet with students in their class, either individually or in groups. These times should be listed on the seminar syllabus. If they are not, ask your instructor for them. Take advantage of these times to meet with your instructor, ask questions, get help, and make a connection.