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Museum Etiquette

Museum Etiquette Image
Know Where To Go

The Georgia Museum of Art is a part of the Performing and Visual Arts Complex on East Campus.

Know If You Need a Ticket

It’s free to visit the Georgia Museum of Art. Just sign up at for a free ticket, then check yourself in at the lobby desk.

Know What To Do on a Tour

Tours of the museum are conducted by an employee or volunteer of the museum, called a "docent." These tour guides have been specially trained by the museum to be experts in the permanent collection and to be knowledgeable about the visiting exhibits.

No Eating, Drinking, Smoking, or Touching

You cannot eat, drink, or smoke inside the museum. Because of the oil and salt in your skin, you should not touch the art, the pedestal that it's sitting on, or the walls. Also be aware that you shouldn't lean against anything in the museum. Stay at least 12 inches from any piece of art.

Know How To "Ponder"

Often people come to the museum and spend time thinking and reflecting in front of a piece of artwork. When viewing the art, keep in mind that you're not the only one who wants to see it. Do not stand in front of a piece for longer than a few minutes. The atmosphere inside the museum is usually quiet, so remember to speak softly.