First Year Odyssey

Syllabus Information
FYOS 1001: First-Year Odyssey Seminar

A common syllabus will not be specified for First-Year Odyssey Seminars because each section of FYOS 1001 is focused on a different topic and FYOS faculty come from a wide range of disciplines. The role of the seminar-style course is to promote intentional learning, support academic dialogue through writing and oral communication, and introduce students to the faculty member’s scholarly path and her/his role in the mission of the University of Georgia. Please consider this as you develop your FYOS syllabus. Faculty are encouraged to follow the University guidelines for course syllabi, course objectives and topical outlines. These guidelines can be found at

Examples of syllabi may be found at these links:
FYOS 1001 - Sample Syllabus
FYOS 1001 - Engineering and a Liberal Education
FYOS 1001 - Natural Resource Conservation Issues
FYOS 1001 - Revolution and War
FYOS 1001 - So you think you want to teach